Our History

Where it all began

Stories for Life started back in the 1980's when at the age of eleven, our Founder, Jeremy Horne, borrowed a VHS video camera and started to record his family, asking questions about life when they were his age.

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Where it all began
by Jeremy 1980.06.02

Our family videos and photos
have become our most precious

Recognising the power of recording and sharing stories, Jeremy set about creating a platform to encourage others to do the same, and StoriesforLife.me was born.

A place for everyone to record, store and share their stories

Your life stories and family legacy is too precious to get lost amongst the noise within social channels and general video sharing platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, and they lack the necessary tools to ensure your stories will be easily found and enjoyed by future generations. Stories for Life includes dedicated privacy and sharing tools that ensure your stories will be enjoyed by the people that matter most to you today, and for generations to follow.

Stories for Life is so much more than a timeline of video stories

Stories for Life is a place to deepen the connections you have with those people most important to you - and that includes yourself! Our customers and members tell us that simply sharing their stories has been a powerful and rewarding experience for them, especially when they watch them months or years later and reconnect with their younger selves at a different stage of their lives.

And the same is true for the connections you share with your family and close friends - many of us don't even know how our parents first met, or what it was like when they first became a parent, or said goodbye to one of their own grandparents or parents. In sharing stories such as these (and many other life stories), we can emphasise and understand each other on a deeper level, and this is when our relationships can become richer and stronger, even with family members who have since passed as their stories can live on forever.

Purchase one of our affordable SFL packages for yourself and/or your family members, and you'll love the experience of getting to know the people most important to you on a whole new level.

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Our Team

The SFL team has grown to include a diverse mix of skills,

but each of us share a common belief that everyone can build deeper, more meaningful relationships with family, friends and future generations simply by sharing our own life stories.

Jeremy Horne

Founder and Chief Storyteller

Laura Coward

Creative Director and Magic Maker

Our Talented Team

The best of the best Platform Devs,
Designers and Support Staff

SFL Certified Interviewers

Recording your extraordinary
stories the world over

You, the heart of SFL

We live to hear and share
your unique stories

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